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The Unveiling Of God
2.17.2024 8:00 AM

How thankful we are that our Lord Jesus unveiled Himself to us! Click here to see a journaling theme for this Message.

Look Away To Jesus
2.10.2024 8:00 AM

Creations just posted a journaling theme for tomorrow’s Message, “Look Away To Jesus.” Click here to get started.

Today's Recordings
2.7.2024 9:00 AM

The Zimbabwe Harare studio is recording the Shona Message SHO65-1212 Communion today and SHO58-0108 The Handwriting On The Wall was recorded yesterday. The Italian translations of ITL62-0715 Behold, A Greater Than All Of Them Is Here and ITL61-0430 Super Sign have been recorded at the Heimbuchenthal, Germany recording studio.

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In North Carolina, we are recording the Ciluba translation of 65-0410 The Easter Seal and, in Jeffersonville, we are recording the Lingala translation of 59-0510E Who Is This? We also recorded the Ewe translation of 65-0911 God’s Power To Transform in Togo.

New Sewing Tutorial
2.5.2024 8:00 AM

Creations posted a new sewing tutorial called Snow Skirt 1.0! Click here to see both the video and written tutorial. We hope you enjoy!

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64-0614M The Unveiling Of God


63-1229E Look Away To Jesus


And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.





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As it was done in every age, Deity veiled in human flesh. Notice, He did. The prophets was Deity, veiled. They was the Word of God (is that right?) veiled in human flesh. So, they didn’t notice our Moses neither, see, Jesus.

64-0614M - The Unveiling Of God