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Today's Recordings
1.30.2023 3:00 PM

Today at the Zimbabwe office we are recording the Shona message 64-1212 The Harvest Time.

Text Department
1.30.2023 2:00 PM

Text for 59 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Afrikaans, 1 Bemba, 2 Dutch, 1 Emakhuwa, 1 Ewe, 2 French, 1 German, 1 Indonesian, 1 Kaonde, 1 Kikongo Kituba, 2 Lingala, 1 Lithuanian, 4 Lozi, 6 Ciluba, 3 North Sotho, 1 Oriya, 2 Oshikwanyama, 1 Portuguese, 1 Romanian, 2 Shona, 1 Spanish, 1 South Sotho, 3 Swati, 1 Swahili, 1 Swedish, 3 Tagalog, 6 Chitonga, 2 Urdu, 1 Vietnamese, 5 Zulu

The God Of This Evil Age
1.28.2023 8:00 AM

And the little Church that’s come along, also, Christ’s Word-Bride down through the age, is coming to a Head, ’cause She’s going to be united back to Its Mate. Always, just like the church and everything else, It’s got to unite.
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Red Letter Day
1.24.2023 10:00 AM

On January 24, 1950, the Pillar Of Fire was photographed for the first time in history above Brother Branham. What a Red Letter Day! Click here for a new journaling theme, and visit the Crafts, Worksheets & Woodshop sections for projects!

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65-0801M The God Of This Evil Age


We know many of you have been waiting for this...


65-0725E What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?


65-0725M The Anointed Ones At The End Time





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Now, just a cold, formal, starchy churches, and so forth, of man-made theology, that wouldn’t; the Elect would never pay no attention to that. But it’s up there almost like the real thing. Just leaving out one Word is all you have to do. Promised of the age; very great time! Christians, everywhere, take heed to the hour we’re living! Mark down, and read, and listen close.

65-0801M - The God Of This Evil Age