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Sardisean Church Age
5.27.2023 8:00 AM

This week’s journaling themes and flannel graph on The Sardisean Church Age are posted! Visit the Creations website or click here to see.

Today's Recordings
5.22.2023 4:30 PM

Today, the Zimbabwe recording studio recorded the Shona message 62-1230e Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?. At the Switzerland Studio, we recorded the French translation of 61-0101 Revelation, Chapter Four #2.

Text Department
5.18.2023 6:00 PM

Text for 39 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Asante Twi (Ghana),
2 Bemba (Zambia),
1 Haitian Creole (Haiti),
1 Chitumbuka (Malawi, Zambia),
2 Dutch (Holland),
2 Ewe (Ghana, Togo),
1 French,
1 German,
1 Hindi (India),
2 Italian,
3 Kikongo Kituba (Central Africa),
1 Kyangonde (Tanzania, Malawi),
1 Lingala (DRC),
1 Lithuanian,
1 Lozi (Zambia),
2 Ciluba (Central Africa),
1 Malagasy (Madagascar),
2 North Sotho  (Southern Africa),
2 Polish,
3 Swati (Swaziland),
1 Chitonga (Zambia),
5 Tswana (Southern Africa),
1 Urdu (Pakistan),
1 Vietnamese

The Pergamean Church Age
5.13.2023 8:00 AM

Creations just posted the journaling themes and flannel graph for The Pergamean Church Age. Click the link here to view.

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60-1209 The Sardisean Church Age


For this week's Church Age Series tape quiz, we will be listening to 60-1209 The Sardisean Church Age.


60-1208 The Thyatirean Church Age


For this week's Church Age Series tape quiz, we will be listening to 60-1208 The Thyatirean Church Age.





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How careful we must be to hear ONE voice, for the Spirit has but one voice which is the voice of God.

CAB 04 - The Smyrnaean Church Age