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Today's Recordings
4.14.2021 2:00 PM

Today at the South Africa office recording studio we are recording the Tshivenda translation of 60-1205 The Ephesian Church Age, and the South Sotho translation of 62-0506 Possessing All Things. And at the Heimbuchenthal, Germany recording studio, we are recording the Italian translation of 54-0804 Simeon.

EWE Recording
4.13.2021 1:00 PM

Today, Brother Jerome Tsigbe is recording 56-0513 Teaching On Moses in EWE at our new studio in Tema, Ghana.
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Today's Recordings
4.13.2021 11:30 AM

Today at the Brazil office recording studio Bro Silas Braga is recording the Portuguese translation of The Oneness of Unity 58-0128. And at the Heimbuchenthal, Germany recording studio, Bro Domenico Ticali is recording the Italian translation of 55-0400 Blind Bartimaeus.

Volcano Eruption In St. Vincent and the Grenadines
4.12.2021 7:30 AM

Please remember the Believers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The volcano (La Soufre), which had been dormant for decades, started erupting last week. Evacuations are underway of some residents to other nearby islands and so far, all the Believers are safe.

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