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Today's Recordings
11.28.2022 8:00 AM

Today, at the Heimbuchenthal, Germany recording studio, we are recording the Italian translation of ITL53-0610 Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever.

Marriage And Divorce
11.26.2022 3:30 PM

This is to my church only. Not my church…The little flock that believes me and follows me, this is to them.

Click here for the journaling themes on this sermon.

Thanksgiving Worksheets
11.23.2022 4:00 PM

Creations has re-released the Thanksgiving section, along with the Storing Food worksheets, and a journaling theme from a very special event that took place at Thanksgiving time, Sister Meda’s Healing!

We look forward to joining you all for a Spiritual Feast around The Table this Thanksgiving!

Today's Recordings
11.22.2022 11:30 AM

Today, the Zimbabwe recording studio is recording the Ndebele translation of 62-1231 The Contest.

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65-0221M Marriage And Divorce


May The Lord be with you this Thanksgiving holiday.


The Agapao Hero Tablet is on sale for a limited time.


65-0220 God's Chosen Place Of Worship





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So say I, in the Name of Jesus Christ: Don’t you add one thing, don’t take, put your own ideas in It, you just say what is said on those tapes, you just do exactly what the Lord God has commanded to do; don’t add to It!

65-0718M - Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The Will Of God