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Audio Department
5.6.2021 6:00 PM

The audio for 19 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
10 Afrikaans, 1 Asante Twi, 8 Italian

Text Department
5.6.2021 5:30 PM

The text for 10 new sermon and 2 special book translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Asante Twi (Ghana),
2 French,
1 German,
1 Italian,
1 Ciluba (Central Africa),
1 Portuguese,
2 SiSwati (Swaziland),
2 Swahili (Kenya,Tanzania),
1 Zulu

Agapao Milestone
5.5.2021 4:00 PM

Brother Branham said “You can’t visit every nation. You can send tapes to it.“ Since the start of VGR, our goal has been to put this Message into the hands of every believer. Last week, the Agapao tablet crew assembled the 100,000th tablet. Each tablet contains all the books, all the tapes, all the translations, Brother Branham videos, ability to search the Message in foreign languages, highlight quotes, and you even get every new translation IN A MATTER OF DAYS from when it's finished!
We are so thankful to the saints and churches that make this possible. Only Eternity will reveal the hearts and souls that have been transformed by the Agapao project.
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100,000 Agapao Tablet

Creations Video Class
5.5.2021 3:00 PM

What an absolutely incredible journey this has been to visit these special mountains! We are so grateful that we have the tapes to be able to know of these wondrous events. We will cap off this journey with a Homeschool Studies video lesson for Sunset/Catalina Mountains/Branham Peaks. Our Cub Day worksheet is posted, too!

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God had recognized that there was a people on earth that He predestinated to Life.





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And I expect, and do believe, that I’ll always live with you. I believe that this is the shortest space that we have, while we stand together like this. We will be together in Eternity. See? I do that. I—I—I believe that.

64-0719E - Going Beyond The Camp

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