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Agapao Tour
2.15.2019 11:30 AM

The Agapao Tour will be in Las Cruces, NM this Saturday, February 16.

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Location is the Corbett Center Student Union on Campus at New Mexico State University. Doors open at 10:00AM and close at 3:00PM. Not only will you hear powerful testimonies of what the Lord is doing in different parts of the world through the ministry at VGR, but you will also have the opportunity to speak directly with VGR reps and ask any questions about the work. We're looking forward to a great time in Las Cruces! See updates from previous stops at this link.

This Week's Recordings
2.15.2019 11:00 AM

We recorded 9 sermon translations at our recording studios this week.

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The Cape Town studio recorded the Tsonga translations of 63-0818 "The Uniting Time And Sign", 65-0801E "Events Made Clear By Prophecy", 63-0825E "Perfect Faith", and 65-0822M "Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word". The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Spanish translation of 64-0620E "God Has Provided A Lamb." The Italian studio recorded 64-0617 "The Identified Christ Of All Ages." The India studio recorded the Tamil translation of 58-0720M "By Faith Moses" and 63-0717 "A Prisoner." The Zambia studio recorded the Tsonga translation of 63-0707M "The Indictment." 

Audio Department
2.15.2019 9:30 AM

The audio for 17 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Lingala (Congo), 3 Tagalog (Philippines), 1 Tamil (India), 5 Tshivenda (southern Africa), and 7 Tswana (southern Africa). 

Fires In Chile
2.12.2019 6:00 PM

Authorities say that at least six firefighters have died battling a blaze in a mountain forest in southern Chile.

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On a phone call, VGR Rep - Bro. Jefte Quian said that he can see the fires from his house. It is a very dangerous situation, and we ask your prayers for the many believers who live in the vicinity of these fires. 

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