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Still Waters Camp #2
6.22.2018 12:00 PM

Pick up time for the campers is 3:00 this afternoon at the Still Waters Welcome Center.

Still Waters Camp #2
6.22.2018 7:00 AM

We have high expectations for service this morning at 10:30, when we will hear the sermon 64-0213 "Then Jesus Came And Called." This will surely be the highlight of a wonderful week. 

Still Waters Camp #2
6.21.2018 7:00 AM

Quiet Time at Still Waters starts this morning at 10:30. The campers will be listening to the sermon 63-0717 "A Prisoner".

Still Waters Camp #2
6.20.2018 7:00 AM

Quiet Time begins this evening at 7:30. Reminder, you can view live updates on the website.

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A young man in Pakistan has an experience that is all too familiar to the Bride. 


A brother fights to save his home from flooding.


The second camp of 2018 starts today!


Missionary trip in the province of Punjab. April 22-25.





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God, by His election grace, called you. God, by His election grace, sanctified you. God, by His election grace and His power, baptized you and put you into this land of Rest. They which have entered into this Rest has ceased from their going astray. They ceased from their works like God did from His. They have joy unspeakable, and full of glory! The Tree of Life is blooming in them. They have longsuffering, gentle, goodness, patience made faith, faith, meekness, gentleness, and so forth. The Tree of Life is blooming in them because their hope is anchored in Christ Jesus, the witness of the Holy Ghost bearing record with signs and wonders following the believers.

William Branham 60-0518

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