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Kenya Situation
1.16.2019 5:30 PM

All is well with the brothers in Kenya. We appreciate your prayers and they are back to the Father's Business. 

1.16.2019 3:00 PM

"Speak The Word" booklets and Ottoman Kits are back in stock on the YF product page!. Local pickup starts Thursday, January 17.

Kenya Situation
1.15.2019 2:30 PM

Three brothers from our Jeffersonville office and a number of other VGR employees from Africa are in Nairobi, Kenya, nearby the location of today’s terrorist attack. The brothers are safe in their hotel, but appreciate your prayers as the situation is handled by law enforcement. 


This Week's Recordings
1.10.2019 6:00 PM

We recorded 11 sermon translations at our recording studios this week.

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The Durban studio recorded the SiSwati translations of 63-1229M "There Is A Man That Can Turn On The Light", 59-0329E "The Sign Of The Messiah", 62-0422 "The Restoration Of The Bridetree", and 62-1007 "The Key To The Door". The Zambia studio recorded the Lozi translation of 59-0419A "My Life Story" and 63-1226 "Church Order." The Italian studio recorded 49-1225 "The Deity Of Jesus Christ." The Madagascar studio recorded the Malagasy translations of 59-0510M "Mother's Day" and 59-0329E "The Sign Of The Messiah." The Switzerland studio recorded the French translation of 61-1119 "Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness" and 56-0408A "What Is A VIsion?" 

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Creations added new worksheets for studying the Church Ages.


An answered prayer from a caring neighbor.


Creations posted a new tutorial on “The Seven Church Ages” from a class in December.


A mother and the trial of her daughter wanting to leave church.





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The Holy Man is Christ, the Holy Spirit in us. How can you say the laity has no word to say? Each one of you has something to say. Each one of you has got a work to do. Each one of you has got to carry a Message. Glory!

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