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Product Description

Each translated version of The Table includes all available VGR translated sermons in a searchable infobase for that language. You can search the full text of the translated sermons of Brother Branham in your own language and/or English. You can also search sermon titles, dates, and even locations. The new version is packed full of new translations. French has 156 sermons. It also comes with special translation links that allow you to go back and forth easily from the translated language to the corresponding words in the original English. This feature allows you to compare the translation with the original English.

These complete collections are a part of our missionary outreach. The new design is efficient, which also allows it to work on older computers, which will not run the full version of the Table. The software will run with a Windows 95 or higher computer with a CD-ROM drive. The CD contains one audio MP3, a translated copy of “Life Story.” The entire user interface (menus, commands, dialog boxes) is in each native language, not English.

Each language is available separately for $50 from our overseas offices.