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Product Description

Are you one of God's Heroes? Here are a few examples of heroes that changed the course of history: The prophet Samuel, King David, the prophet Jeremiah, and Mary the mother of Jesus.

What do all these heroes of the faith have in common: they loved the Word of God more than anything in the world, and the Lord called them to a life of service at a very young age. If you are reading this, then you are probably one of those heroes too! What means the most to God's heroes? THE WORD! How do we become a hero? Feed on THE WORD!

We've received numerous requests from parents who want to provide their children with a device that can visit the VGR websites, take the YF quizzes, play YF games, and listen to Brother Branham's sermons, but without an internet connection that will allow accidental exposure to other websites. We've also received the same requests from adults who want a tablet that is simple to use, and doesn't have all the confusing bells and whistles that are included in every other mobile device. It seems to be the consensus that the people want a tablet that is completely dedicated to the things of the Lord.

The Agapao Hero Tablet fills that need for the Bride!

  • The Table mobile software.
  • Access all VGR websites. This includes all articles, photos, and videos.
  • Kids can take YF quizzes from the tablet.
  • Read Cub Corner magazines.
  • Watch VGR/YF/CC videos on the websites.
  • Simple to use, with no 3rd-party applications.
  • No access to app store.
  • Play games through YF apps.
  • Great for young and old alike.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 - Dimensions are 8.27" x 4.90" x 0.31" - Display is 8" 1280 x 800 pixels - Battery is Li-Ion 5100mAh - Includes USB charger - WiFi Updates - Memory is 32GB internal & 64GB microSD card containing all English sermons.