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A smile on my lips and tears in my eyes. I know Father is smiling too.

This left me not only smiling, but smiling through my tears; tears of joy. What a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning.

Praise the Lord! A precious eagle renewing her strength! There's not enough room in there for her to worship!

Thought I was feeling tired, but I’m not now!

This by far is the most encouraging article I have ever read on VGR website. Especially since each link to click on has another article to read. Thank the Lord that Bro Branham is still preaching!

How wonderful to read and hear these testimonies again! It's an awesome article, and I listened to every link and every quote on the links. Our God is alive, this Message is alive!

This is the greatest news I've ever heard!

Woah, that testimony is so awesome! I had not seen it when it was posted before! Thank you for re-posting

This testimony is one that has stayed with me ever since it was first published. I just love it.

Hallelujah! I remember this 2016 post and have told satan about it many, many, many times.

I love the quote of Brother Branham (Sardis Church Age) where he said " Luther, you are going to start things, but your age will see it all unfulfilled. I am leaving that to later."

The Gutenberg press was invented just in time for Luther’s ministry. The tape recorder was invented just in time for Brother Branham’s ministry!

If we never had problems, we'll never know a God who could solve them, we'll never know what faith in His word can do! Thank God for this testimony. I'm learning to trust in God.

Every little thing is worth something. This testimony blessed me.

When The Lord Jesus does anything for you, it’s not a light or little thing, it’s always a great thing.

The service for the Quote of the Day today is “Once More”, and today's article the Little Things, Sister Maggie said, “Anyhow, I said I'll do it Once More , and I said, in Jesus Name."

Reading this I'm literally in tears. My heart is heavy, as this year has been quite a challenge. Like this sister I love singing so much, but where I fellowship, there are no facilities. In my heart I have a burning desire to sing, but I believe in God's perfect time all will be well, for He is the one who blessed me with the gift.

Love this testimony, and it’s another vindication to me of what to do with something the Lord has given me. He’s given me several nudges over the last few years and all in the same direction.

What a beautiful testimony! This song has been on my heart the past couple of weeks, so it was such a blessing to hear it this morning played so beautifully!

Its scaring what the devil can do, but how WONDERFUL & MARVELOUS what our GOD can do!

It is so encouraging the word of testimonies! Makes the heart merry and the faith to grow.

Very inspiring from the beginning to the end. Don't stop my brother, keep using the pen.

I am just happy! God bless that brother and the Bride that is at VGR for giving us these encouraging testimonies. They give us to know that we are not alone like Elijah of old and that there are 7,000 or more out there. Happy to be free.

I had to come back to read this post again. He certainly is flying free!

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