Contact Information
Office Contact:

Brother Eladio Silva

Office Address:

Calle Peru 3506 Esquina Puán
Barrio Belgrano
Caseros, Prov Buenos Aires B1678EGT

Business: 54-11-4750-1523
Fax: 54-11-4716-4848

Country Demographics

Buenos Aires


Spanish (official), Araucano, Guaraní, Quechua Immigrant languages: English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese


Nominally Roman Catholic 92% (less than 20% practicing), Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%

Life Expectancy:
76 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
Argentina is the second-largest country in South America (after Brazil). Its diverse geophysical landscapes range from tropical climates in the north to tundra in the far south. Located in Argentina is the Cerro Aconcagua, the Western Hemisphere's tallest mountain, and Laguna del Carbon, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. 

The vast territorial extension of Argentina possesses great diversity in landscapes ranging from ice fields to barren zones, mountain ranges with plateaus and plains, rivers, lakes like oceans as well as vegetation relating to forests and jungles.


Southern South America, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay

Office Staff

Brother Eladio Silva

Office Manager

Manager History:

When you see the work of VGR, one sees God´s Great Machinery dressing the Bride with the Word of God, the Voice of the prophet of the Age.

To be a little gear within the Great Machinery is a privilege that I did not seek or choose.

I still remember my first job at VGR, my only thought was one person delivering Messages and wrapping packages. I was eager to read everything at once, and my zeal was for everyone to come to the knowledge of this Message.  To work at VGR gives you the responsibility of being a testimony, an example to others. It also allows you to grow in the spiritual. The relationship with the members of the Bride of Christ, in their simplest and humblest conditions, expresses in the clearest form the way to be happy with the pure Word of God which nothing else will do.

Souls saved, sick healed, the captive set free and innumerable miracles are ways by which the Lord Jesus Christ makes Himself present in response to His Spoken Word, regardless of the size of the problem.

The privilege of reaching each member of the Bride with our small contribution, ever so small, is not exclusive to anyone. You can participate in this Ministry whether it is working from Jeffersonville in any number of activities from cleaning, to unimaginable technical jobs, or perhaps the delicate job of translating to one of the many languages of the world spoken by millions of people. But to work, be part of VGR is a privilege that you can obtain by supporting the Work, making it known.

People think of money when support is mentioned, which is part of it, but a part is also to “pray”, “prayer” plays a big role. The key to success in making the correct decisions is “prayer”; it is the key to missionary’s successfully traveling to different geographical places, taking the Good Seed. To pray is to overcome the different obstacles in the different customs agencies and even to sort out the problem of wars and hunger in the different lands. Being part of VGR goes beyond men’s imagination; to be able to place our little contribution along with our brothers Billy Paul and Joseph Branham is a privilege granted by God to whoever will answer his call: “Here am I, send me”!

Don´t miss this opportunity, be part of VGR, you can pray! You can offer your service. You’ll know how much more was done when we meet Him in the morning!

Nothing will be done if there is no love in us for the souls. The translated Message and the audio of the Prophet in your hands is an answer to His prophet's prayer and prophecy fulfilled. THANK YOU, LORD. I LOVE WORKING AT VGR, a burden that is borne with much joy. 

Office History

The Argentina office was one of our first offices in South America.

Brother Ruben Osvaldo Reymundi was the first distributor and a the son one of the first ministers of the Message in Argentina, The library was in service for a time in the city of Caseros; than it was moved to Ciudad El Palomar, to later return once more to Ciudad Caseros. Its current location has approximately 1,000 square feet. Half of this space is used to store the Message. Even though the growth of the Message has not been exponential, nevertheless, it has grown at a steady pace; the need for material has grown and has always been fulfilled. In 2002, Brother Eladio Silva became an assistant to the distributor. At the beginning of August, 2012, Brother Silva became the official representative after Brother Ruben Osvaldo Reymundi retired due to health issues.

We are currently looking for a bigger place to fulfill our duties. The office is not visited much by the believers, but from this place every effort is made to communicate with the groups, ministries and individuals of the Bride of Christ. Different groups are visited throughout the country, attention to individuals and churches, plus the need to continue making this Message known keeps our time occupied. Our desire and zeal is to better serve the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ in this vast territory with different climates and diverse cultures.