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Martinus Sigit

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Jalan Pandan No:28 Rt007 / Rw 011
Utan Kayu Selatan
Jakarta, Timur 13120

Business: +62 852 12 608 608 
Fax: +62 21 859 10 513

Country Demographics

Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia)


Indonesia (98%), as the official language and the language of unity in Indonesia, and other 2%

Muslim 87.18%, Christian 6.96%, Catholic 2.91%, Hindu 1.69%, Buddhist 0.72%, Kon Hung Cu 0.05%

Life Expectancy:
72.17 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
Indonesia has about 17,504 islands, about 6,000 of which remain uninhabited, spread around the equator, providing tropical weather. The most populous island is Java, where more than half (65%) of the Indonesian population live. Indonesia consists of 5 major islands, namely: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya and a series of islands is also referred to as the Indonesian archipelago or islands.

Indonesia, at Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Office Staff

Martinus Sigit

Office Manager

Manager History:

In early 1985, the first time I heard about the Message, I believed that God vindicated Brother William Marrion Branham as His prophet. Finally, I asked to be baptized in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. As a newborn child in Christ, I always needed the Message to make me grow according to His Word as the prophet said, but it was very difficult to get copies of the Message books dan tapes at that time.
God called me to become a pastor in a little church in Jakarta, Indonesia,  in 2002. When I started it, God entrusted me with five souls. Now He has entrusted seventy souls, who are faithul to the End Time Message. We believe the Message can bring to the perfection. Amen.  
And God placed the VGR office in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It’s very easy to do everything, as Jakarta is the center of activity in our country. Indonesia is not a Muslim country, but almost all of people are of the Muslim religion. They burn the churches, but we will never be afraid. I know the danger and risks if I do my duty, but I believe that God always walks with me. Everybody must know that God sent a prophet for this our age to meke His Church perfect. Amen. We cannot do anything without God opening the way. We need to keep moving to spread the Message. Now is the time to do God’s work before Jesus comes.
Praise the Lord! We know God is working and keep moving again for His Brides in this last age. Thank you very much for our Lord Jesus Christ because He always help us, and for Brothers and Sisters in VGR Jeffersonville. Please always pray for God’s work in Indonesia. God bless you all. Amen.

Brother Melkias A. Tallane Office Assistant - I knew Jesus Christ from the Bible, only by letter, not by spiritual experience. I knew about religion, but not about salvation.
In 1985 when studying at the university in Jakarta, I knew about the End Time Message. I believed the Message, but had only little understanding because there were no Messages books or tapes in our country. I believed that God would reveal His Message to me, if I only believed and patiently wait on Him. In October 1999, I was married. Before I joined VGR, I worked in the Christian Children’s Fund from Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. In early year 2009, a brother told me about Voice of God Recordings. In August 2009, a brother visited Jakarta. I was asked if I wanted to work for VGR in Indonesia. I agreed because I believe that God uses VGR to feed the Bride of Christ with the Spiritual Fresh Food. Praise be to God, because right now I can read the Message books and hear the Voice of God for this generation through Brother William Marrion Branham. I am very thankful to God because by His grace I can work in VGR Indonesia as office assitant. Hallelujah! Praise God, for the End Time Message!
God bless you,
Melkias A. Tallane

Brother Edison Hutapea Translator - When I started collage I moved to Jakarta to study as an economist from 1983 until 1987. In the middle of year 1983, I repented and gave my life to Jesus and received Him as my personal Salviour. I was baptized by a pastor from a Pentecostal Church in 1983.
One year later, a brother from Germany visited Indonesia to bring the End Time Message from William Marrion Branham. He introduced the prophet to our church. At the time it was very difficult to find Brother Branham’s sermon in Indonesia, so I asked him to send some sermons to me. He sent me some material. I was very happy to receive those books.
When I graduated from the Univercity in 1987, I worked at various companies before joining VGR. One day, a group of brothers came from Voice of God Recordings when we had a special meeting in Jakarta with believers coming from other islands in Indonesia. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, finally I am working at Voice of God Recordings Indonesia as translator. My prayer is may every sermon book reader receive Thy great blessing.
God bless,
Edison Hutapea

Brother Anto Simamora Translator - My complete name is Harianto Marujahan Simamora, but my fellow-believers simply called me Bro. Anto, I’m the first of eight children of my parent.
I came to the Message on June 2003, at that time I just graduated from senior high school, my grandmother have a little fellowship with a few old people like her, they like pray together, and someday God make a way that a brother to pass their way, he shared the Word of God and gave them “Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages”. I then read the book and later on going to a local church, I was baptized in June 2003, I can’t remember exactly the date.
At that time I have a plan to go to bible seminary, but I studied the Message with a brother, and without any hesitation I decided to follow his instruction, at that time there’s only a few Message books in Indonesian and I can’t speak English, so the brother told me, “Do you want to wait until they translate every book into Indonesian, or do you want to read it in English yourself?” Of course I want to read it myself, but the problem I can’t speak in English. He then gave me a stack of Message books and an English-Indonesian dictionary, and told me, “Get to work.” So, I started learning English from the prophet. And praise the Lord, by His grace I’m able to read the Message and also translate the books. Amen.
Since that time, by His grace I’ve been serving the Lord, doing some translations, lead the songs, doing outreach and helping my pastor in watching the flock, and I have seen Him working in all my life, He is real to me, and He has helping me to keep on pressing my way. His grace is sufficient for me. And I love Him so much.
I join with Voice Of God Recordings on May 2012, I’m become one of the translator, I surely enjoyed translated the Message, and my heart is for this Message. I truly believed that Brother Branham is the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5-6, and by his grace I will keep faithful to serve my Lord Jesus in whatever measure He has given me. Praise the Lord. Amen. God richly bless you is my prayer as you keep serving Him in your life.
God bless you,
Anto Simamora

Brother Devlen Sembiring Warehouse Staff - was once a sinner quick-tempered, smokers and drinkers. I knew about the End Time Message in 2008, and I gave to be baptized the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then God changed my life.
In 2009 I married a girl who is already in the Message. I get a daughter of the results of my wedding. In 2010 my faith faltered and I had to leave my wife and daughter for 1 month. But my faithful wife remain waiting and praying for me to be back with family. In July 2010 my wife asked a few brothers to pray for me to come back with my family. Finally, I realized my mistake and came to Church Message, repent and ask God for forgiveness in front of the congregation. 

In 2011 I was asked  to work in VGR Indonesian as a warehouse and distribution staff. I also assist in outreach services.
By the grace of God, I am grateful to be able to work in VGR Indonesia, and through VGR Indonesia, I can introduce the End Times Messages to people in Indonesia.
May god bless you richly,
Devlen Sembiring

Sister Ani Damanik Librarian Staff - VGR representative in Indonesia. Previously, I worked for a large campany, and I came to know the Message there. My friend introduced the Message to me. At the time I was Sunday scholl teacher in a Protestant church. My friend told me about baptism in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ in Acts 2:38. I could not accept it because I was baptized as a chld. But, that night when I read the Bible in John 3:5, I was nervous and my heart was burning flames. “I must be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!” I repented and was baptized on July 7th, 1991.
After I was married, God asked me to resign from my job to help my husband. But I never respond to His Word, so one day I sprained my spine and I couldn’t work anymore. I went to many doctors, but my faith rested there when I read what the prophet said, “your faith is not what you feel; your faith is what you believe.”
My husband asked me to help him in the VGR Lending Library. I like to clean and tidy up and take care of the Message books in the library, I really love them because for me they are more than GOLD.
I thank our Lord Jesus for sending a prophet to me, to the age where I live, to reveal His secret and call His Bride. Thank you very much to brothers and sisters, to support my country, Indonesia.
God bless you,
Sister Ani Damanik

Office History

I still remember on February 3nd, 2009, a brother and his wife from India came to Jakarta and met with me. He came to bring so many MP3 cassette to me. He testified to me when he was at the International airport Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta and going through customs inspection tools goods, he prayed and said to himself, "God if we can pass this test tool is no problem and we are not arrested, then God wills VGR in Jakarta." Because her son had previously warned him that it is Indonesia's largest Muslim country in the world with a very radical Muslims and terrorists place. But God made everything goes according to plan, we finally met in the grace of God. This brother also asked me to wait and pray that God willing there is also a representative of the VGR office in Indonesia.

On May 13th-19th August, 2009, a brother came to visit us for a few days to plan ahead what we have to do and make the office to conduct. After that we were initialy open on September 2009 in a litlle room in 3x3 meters with 2 office tables, one cupboard to store the message books in English and 1 piece of laptop to perform administrative activities and translation. The number of employees VGR Indonesia at that time was 2 people in Bekasi, West Java. And the beginning of 2010, our office moved to Jakarta. We rent a small house in Utan Kayu, East Jakarta.

And in mid-July, 2010, we started to introduce ourselves as a representative office in Indonesia to make plans for a 2 day seminar and invite ministers from North Sumatra and Jakarta, which was attended by representatives of Voice of God Recordings.

On December 2nd - 5th, 2011, VGR representatives held a short trip to Medan, North Sumatra and Jakarta to meet with the believers in Indonesia and plan everything for the progress and development of God's work in Indonesia. (You can see in the magazine CTV 2012) and the impact of this extraordinary meeting where we can make the distribution of book about the prophet of God, Brother William Marrion Branham freely throughout our country. And now it's almost all islands in Indonesia already know who Brother Branham is. We do the same work with local pastors of local churches and ministers of all denominations are there to distribute the books, tracts, MP3, DVD and also conduct seminars and watch the DVD "Deep Calleth to the Deep " after service.Hallelujah ! Now there are several local churches in our country both in Medan, Pekan Baru and many ministers of the denominations that believe in the message of God in the last days.  Also, we have opened a small library in Medan and Pekan Baru as a effort serve requests for books from believers who were there.

We are very thankful and grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ in the presence of a representative VGR office in Indonesia so we can get the books, tracts, MP3s and DVDs with easy to the growth of our faith as believers are living in the last days. We also do not forget to thank you for what has been done by our very dear brothers, Brother Joseph and Brother Billy Paul Branham so the believers in the country got the Spiritual food is needed at this age. Praise the Lord! We know God is working and keep moving in this last age. Thank you very much for God because He always help us, and for Brothers and Sisters in VGR Jeffersonville. And please pray for Indonesia...