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Office Contact:

Brother Mark Kiwummulo

Office Address:

Suite 4, First Floor, Green Leaves Complex, Plot 28 Chorley Crescent, Luzira, Kampala, UGANDA.

Country Demographics



English (official national language, taught in grade schools, used in courts of law and by most newspapers and some radio broadcasts), Ganda or Luganda (most widely used of the Niger-Congo languages, preferred for native language publications in the capital and may be taught in school), other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, Arabic

Roman Catholic 41.9%, Protestant 42% (Anglican 35.9%, Pentecostal 4.6%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.5%), Muslim 12.1%, other 3.1%, none 0.9%

Life Expectancy:
52.34 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country on the East of the African plateau, averaging about 1100 meters (3,250 ft) above sea level, and this slopes very steadily downwards to the Sudanese Plain to the North. Uganda lies almost completely within the Nile basin. Cricket is the most popular sport in Uganda.

Eastern Africa, west of Kenya

Office Staff

Brother Mark Kiwummulo

Office Manager

Manager History:

I was born in 1968 to a staunch Roman Catholic couple, the last born among 13 children, and my family saw something in me that they felt I should become a Catholic priest someday, so the Cardinal’s secretary offered to pay my tuition until I was to join seminary. For the early years of childhood, I served as an altar boy, helping priests and catechists.

In 1981, God moved me from our country village to Kampala city during the liberation war that brought the current government into power, and while in Kampala, I came across a Pentecostal church, and I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I became a preacher boy a short while after that. The war ended and Pentecostalism showed its ugly head, when we began to notice that the old-time holiness that we once had was no more, and that we were hungry for restoration.

My first time to hear about the Message was early 1990 when my dear friend, Ben Kabenga asked me to go with him to a certain place in town, to “see for myself.” The place happened to be the Voice Of God Recordings Lending Library in Kampala, run by Brother Peter Ochola at the time. With several friends, we believed that this is the only Thing that was closest to true Pentecost, so we determined to either start a ministry based on this Message, or we find a Message church that already believes and practices the Message. Fortunately, the Lord led us to our first Message church in town.

After the passing of Brother Peter Ochola, Brother Bolahs Onyango helped with the library work, and in 2004, Brother Joseph Branham sent Brother Isaac Branham and Brother George Ferguson to Uganda to officially open the VGR office and recruit an office manager. That is when Brother Bolahs Onyango was chosen as the VGR Country Office Manager for Uganda, and I was taken in with other brothers as a translator.

Along the way, Brother Joseph Branham advised that I help Brother Bolahs Onyango as Office Assistant, which I did, until 1st February 2016, when the Lord took Brother Bolahs home. From that time, I was retained to continue serving in this office, by the grace of God.

Knowing that there is a host of believers behind this work, I am very grateful for every brother, sister or child who contributes towards the work of Voice of God Recordings, to make this Spiritual Food reach the seed of God for this age around the world.

It’s been both a pleasure and blessing to serve with Brother Joseph Branham, the wonderful VGR team at Jeffersonville, and my humble brothers in the East African region.

May the Lord bless you all, is my prayer!

Mark J. Kiwummulo

Office History

Till November 2004, activities of the Library were in the hands of Brother Okello William, now in the United Kingdom, and the late Peter Ochola respectively. Coordination was all centralized at Nairobi by Brother Barnabas Kariuki.

In 2002, representatives of Voice Of God Recordings in Jeffersonville, Indiana, came to review the library activity covering the whole country and recommended a setting up of new libraries countrywide.

Consequently and in total Uganda now has 43 established libraries. In November 2004 VGR representatives came to Uganda to set up an office, recruit a manager, and review the overall VGR library focus. Brother Bolahs was recommended for position of office manager for the Kampala office and charged with the responsibility of:

•    Coordinating and supervising distribution of VGR material

•    Representing VGR in Uganda

•    Being liaison person between field libraries and Jeffersonville

•    Writing monthly reports to Jeffersonville

•    And any other assignment as given by Jeffersonville.

 To date, an office has already been set up and equipped as follows:

•    Two laptop computers

•    3 Desktop computers

•    Internet connection

•    Telephone connection

•    One full time office manager

•    One full time office assistant

Special Information

The office currently serves approximately 600 churches throughout Uganda. The office mission and vision is to get the Message to every needy hand and in line with the aims and objectives of Voice Of God Recordings in Jeffersonville, Indiana.