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Oswaldo Rubiano Solano

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Carrera 77 AA Número 45 G - 39
Barrio Velódromo.

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Spanish, plus over 200 indigenous languages

Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%

Life Expectancy:
75 years

GDP per-capita:

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Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a unitary republic of America located in the northwestern region of South America. It consists in a social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential. It is politically organized into 32 decentralized departments and capital district. The capital of the republic is Bogotá D. C.

The area of Colombia is 2,129,748 km ², of which 1,141,748 km ² correspond to the mainland and the remaining 988,000 square kilometers to its maritime extension.

The territory of Colombia is located in the large part on the northern hemisphere and in the tropics. The southern region of Colombia is crossed by the equator. Because of the location of Colombia on a tropical zone, temperature and radiation is evenly throughout the year. However, it is not the same throughout the territory; temperature varies with the degree of elevation above sea level, in the most extreme cases at temperatures of 0 ° C and 35 ° C respectively

Colombia is the only South American country with coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, which has several islands: the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Colombia has the largest number of species per unit area on the planet, is the second most megadiverse in the world after Brazil, which is most extensive country than Colombia.

The country is the fourth largest country in area in South America, with around 47 million people, the third largest population in Latin America.

It is the third country with the largest number of Spanish speakers.

Colombia has a multicultural population, regions and races. Its population is mostly a result of interbreeding between Europeans, Indians and Africans, with minorities of indigenous and African descent. In the Colombian Caribbean there are a significant number of Middle Eastern descent.

Gross domestic product at purchasing power parity of Colombia ranked fourth in Latin America and the 28th worldwide. Colombia's nominal GDP is the fourth largest in Latin America and is ranked 30 in the world.

Colombia ranks third in first living species  with 1,876 species of birds, this amounts to 19% of species in the world and 60% of the species in South America; There are 14 species and 300 families of butterflies , making it the second country with more variety of butterflies and with a greater variety of beetles, (more than 250,000). Globally, Colombia's first amphibian to have 15%, 25% of crocodiles, 30% of 222 species of turtles and snakes. The country ranks fourth in the world in mammals with 456 species discovered and fifth in primate species with 30 species.

Colombia is a country of intermediate size, although it has approximately 10% or 20% of plant species worldwide, with about 40,000 to 45,000 species of plants; Colombia is the first in a variety of orchids, has over 50,000 species of flowers.

 Globally, Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country, and the largest producer of mild coffee in the world. The term "Café de Colombia" is a certification mark registered in the United States and Canada. Likewise, it is recognized as Protected Designation of Origin in other countries.


Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama

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Oswaldo Rubiano Solano

Office Manager

Manager History:

I knew the message, at the age of 20 years in 1989, I was 24 years old when I felt the call of God to serve in the preaching of this precious message, which I did with all my heart. In 2008 The Lord began to deal with me in a very special way and it was in this year that the Lord revealed to me by his grace what it really means to hear the voice of God, and the importance that has, and I understood what the Prophet says.

We have a ministry of ribbons around the world. And they would go to all parts of the world. After reading the paper Catch The Vision, the Lord confirmed to me once again that we must listen to the voice of God. Knowing that proceeds from the mouth of God I have enough confidence in it to rest.

In March 2013 I was elected to serve as distributor for the bride of God in Colombia; and I thank God for the great privilege to be part of the team of Voice of God Recordings, and to send this message; as tape, CD, micro sd cards, so they can hear the voice of God through the prophet.

Brother Luis Ariel Peralta Fernandez Assistant Distributor

I was born in a home where our parents and grandparents taught us the fear of God. Being very fearful and seeker of things referring to serve God in the midst of Catholic belief, so much that my maternal grandfather died 96 years old (born April 6, 1909), and still playing an old piano "the harmonium" behind the statues in Catholic processions.

My parents struggled in the midst of difficulties and limited economic resources to send to college. I am the fifth of seven siblings, and as they are ophthalmologists, engineers, psychologists, lawyers etc; I am a dentist since 1992. But between 1996 and 1997 the Lord called me in terrible difficulties economics and health. Being bankrupt and having to move back in with my parents; reaching a Trinitarian denomination, moving in what I call the "Show" of miracles and healings; there I gave my life to the Lord; but started my des-seasoning since much of what I was reading in the Bible, was totally contrary to what they were doing in the church. I did a Christian television program for the local city channel every week for over a year and, a Christian radio program for broadcasters the state in which I lived.

At that time, my brother in law introduced me brochures and cassettes of the Message, which I saw as a direct answer from God. The main subject was about prayer that the prophet did in every sermon.

Trying to preach the message there in denomination, I was "kicked" out of the Trinitarian church when they heard I was reading the message. They took three times to my city, trinitarian church pastors to liberate me; that pastor and his wife came many times to my house to speak with my parents inventing the lie that we gathered to worship a picture of a man and take blood from a cat. In less than a year, God brought out of that denomination to my parents, and they accepted the message and were baptized. God healed my father of prostate cancer two years ago, and He recently recovered me from a similar situation.

It has been 17 years since then, until today in 2014, and the Glory of God has magnified in the midst of many difficulties, lived with my wife Ana Maria with whom we meet 14 years of happy marriage, have two daughters: Raquel Sofia 13 years (to whom God saved from death by disease 8 years ago), and Sara Victoria 9. I practiced my profession until 2008 for visual health problems relating to a corneal transplant in my right eye.

Four years I've been working with Voice of God Recordings, trying to deliver in every action, the best to cater the "Royalty of Heaven" who needs this message. A constant questions from friends, of ¿why I do not do dental consultation?, I always answer, "Before I worked and managed the mouths of men, now God called me to work in His Mouth."

God bless you

Brother Luis Ariel Peralta

Office History

For the country of Colombia the message of sunset light sent by God in the twentieth century, through His prophet William Marion Branham; started for the decade of the seventies, when the first tapes came to the city of Cali and east of the country (border with Venezuela), the region known as "the Eastern Plains," through sermons preached by a brother, who was the pastor of a local church, and who also directed the printing press that printed the message these days in Venezuela. He arrived in principle to Pentecostal groups and other denominations, where God began to remove His predestined seed to faith of the message to the eleventh hour. When we started receiving the message printed directly from Jeffersonville, there were problems of different nature with customs, it was then that through a church in Bogota, established since 1975, support was to receive the material and distribute it around the country for nearly 27 years. Brother Bernal also offered a house in the city of Bogotá and according with Brother Joseph, that office served there for ten years, until early 2013, when Brother Joseph, by direction of the Lord, moved the office from the Bogota City to Medellin. Every detail around the office in the city of Medellín, has been coordinated with the greatest minuteness, so that "Royalty" who enter these doors, be well attended every time they visit us. The office has living and exhibition room, where it is displayed in Spanish all the available material and the wall quote in which welcomes you. The reading rooms, room for audio and video, the storage, the administrative area, the packaging section and the area where visitors can drink a good Colombian coffee, or a hot or cold drink.

The area where the office is located in Medellin, is close to transportation, such as subways, is very pleasant tranquility for visitors are not interrupted in any way.