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Maurice Phiri

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P O Box 36921
(physical address)
Plot number 4,
Kapumpe road, Prospect Hill,
Woodlands -

Country Demographics


18.38 million (2020)

English (official), major vernaculars - Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and about 70 other indigenous languages

95.5 percent of the country's population is Christian; of these, 75.3 percent identify as Protestant, and 20.2 percent as Roman Catholic, other 2.7% (includes Muslim Buddhist, Hindu, and Baha'i), none 1.8% (2010 est.)

Life Expectancy:
38.59 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
Home to The Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders), a waterfall situated on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are, by some measures, the largest in the world, as well as being among the most unusual in form. Zambia has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world.

Southern Africa, east of Angola

Office Staff

Maurice Phiri

Office Manager

Manager History:

I am the last born son from the family 9 children, raised up in the forest plantation in the copper belt region of Zambia where my father operated as a plantation supervisor. As a young man i grew up in a Baptist church under the influence of my mother, up until I met someone who spoke to me on true salvation…this stranger came into my area to do plantation work, he had with him a small blue book in his hand every time I met him, little did I know that, that book was a Message preached by Bro. William Branham.

One afternoon, we met and he invited me to his home to share the Word of God. Though I went to a Baptist church, my life was never aligned with the word of God until the Message of the hour preached by Bro. Branham was shared with me. My heart got convicted and I gave my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ on the 17th of August 1997. From that time the transformation of my heart has been expressed outwardly.

Working for Voice of God Recordings means so much to me. I would not ask God for a better work than to be a part of the vision of reaching out for souls for Jesus Christ. I started working for Voice Of God Recordings as a volunteer in 2009 when Bro. Ronnie Kapisha asked me to help in some work at the office such as packing material, attending to visitors etc. In 2011 Bro. Joseph Branham through Bro. Ronnie gave me the privilege to work as a full time employee for Voice Of God Recordings. Without hesitation I joyously accepted this offer.

I am so thankful to Bro. Joseph Branham for granting me this great opportunity to serve the Bride of Jesus Christ through Voice of God Recordings.

From the day I started working I have enjoyed a wonderful working atmosphere at our Lusaka office which in return has helped my spiritual life grow significantly as I witness the Bride of Jesus Christ being served with spiritual Food in due season.

Distributing the Message of our day into jungles of my country is a boundless honor, having raised up in the forest myself, I have the familiarity of a life found in the jungles and I am acquainted with the spiritual starvation of our people.

I sincerely appreciate Bro. Joseph Branham and the entire VGR crew for the hard work they are doing to send material world wide until that last soul is converted for rapture.

God bless you,

Brother Mayeso Njovu - Assistant Office Manager

I was raised in a Message believing home by very strict parents. They received the Message of the hour when I was about 4 years old; before which they were dedicated Catholics. We lived in a neighborhood of many Message believers and we kids went to the same schools, and mostly classmates.

My life changed when at fourteen, I went away to a boy’s only boarding high school. There I met lots of different kids and a very different environment from the community of Message believers back home.

I slackened in my commitment to worship and was increasingly rarely in fellowship with believers in that town, preferring the company of my new found ‘cool’ friends instead. I was now exposed to worldly music.

This behavior was to continue till my freshman year of university, toward the end, when one day a couple of brothers, also students, knocked on my door. Apparently, I unknowingly was classmates with a Message believer who heard about my beliefs (I was never shy of declaring my belief even though I kept wrong company and never went to fellowship). It was through that classmate that my ‘visitors’ discovered me.

After their visit, I became embarrassed with my behavior and decided to attend fellowship for the first time in several months. I remember worrying about maintaining my friends and the love of worldly music; but I kept going to church, albeit not regularly at first. Things really changed after making friends with my fellow youths in the church. Because of that experience, I believe up to now, that if many wayward youths are given opportunity to mingle freely in fellowship without condemnation, it helps a great deal in their journey to rediscover themselves.

Today, I don’t even know how and when those interests faded. I cannot explain how, without any effort, my company changed; but I’m sure glad I went to fellowship that day.

I began visiting the VGR Library regularly, reading and developing interest in their operations, and eventually helping out when an extra hand was needed. It’s been a few years now and looking back, VGR has given me a purpose that I am proud of. I am very grateful to the entire VGR family and Br Ronnie Kapisha for giving me a chance to be here. There’s no workplace on earth like VGR. I am more passionate about the Message and seeing that people’s lives are transformed, youths turned from ‘worldlism’, and just being in fellowship with this great family of Message believers.

Looking forward, I’m resolved to continue encouraging young people and their parents of their position and responsibilities in this great economy of the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m resolved to continue helping that people receive the Message of the hour in the language that they can understand.

I love the Voice of God Recordings. I love the work going on. I love the people at VGR. By the grace of our Lord, I wish to continue right here, working harder, becoming a better Christian and becoming a blessing to the saints.

Thank you all and may the Lord Jesus bless you.

Sister Loveness Mweni - Secretary

My coming to the Message of the Hour was as follows:

I used to be a Catholic as according to my parents belief. I continued on until I left school and college and stated working. The company I was working for transferred me from Kitwe town to Lusaka in 1983. Upon arrival I contacted one of the catholic Jesuits to direct me to the charismatic group. The day I met him was the same day one of the brothers now in the message from another town went there to renounce his intention to become a priest which I did not know.

Before we parted, the brother asked for my address / working place phone number. After some days he wrote me a letter requesting me to surrender my heart totally to God and be baptized. I ignored the statement thinking after all we were both Catholics and did not reply. He gave my telephone number to another brother (now pastoring) who had access to the land line at his working place and he kept calling me telling me about the true word of God. At one time he travelled to Lusaka and asked if he could pass by my working place at lunch time. He came and shared to me the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I told him I was already baptized in Catholic. When he went back he continued calling me on phone. Sometimes I could put him on hold for long so that he could give up but was the entire time patient. He heard there were two brothers (one pastoring now) travelling from another town to Lusaka and asked me if they could also pass by my working place at lunch time to talk to me. They came and shared to me. I had no questions to ask but still hesitant.

A Jesuit and a charismatic elderly woman heard about it and started threatening me for listening to such people who had no fixed places of worship. One evening the elderly charismatic woman continued to threaten me at my house. I was so disturbed and frustrated and didn’t know what to speak back to her. Something told me to get up and went into my bedroom quietly with the light off and knelt down, looking up in the roof pointing my fingers up like looking at God. It was not a prayer but started telling God or blaming Him for such a confusion. I said something like “Now where do You want me to worship when everybody is pushing me like this?” I raised up and “ from that time” things changed. I went back to the living room, she continued talking but I felt so peaceful like never before until she left. I had new feelings of wanting to hear more from the brothers than charismatic group. They showed me the message of our prophet William Marrion Branham which was so true and agreed with the Bible than what I learnt in catholic which was nowhere closer to the truth. This impacted so heavily upon my heart that I decided to get baptized in the biblical baptism. I got baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in 1984. Praise God. Since then I am pressing towards the mark of the high calling. I am so grateful that I am one of them. If it wasn’t for the love of God where would I be?

I am so thankful to God, VGR President Brother Joseph Branham for allowing me to work for Voice of God Recordings office in Zambia since December 2002 after being recommended by Brother Ronnie Kapisha the country representative and I have always liked my job so much. What a joy in my heart working with VGR team, to me is part of my redemptive blessings from above. Such a wonderful atmosphere listening to the Message of the Hour and meeting the saints of God all the time.

May God richly bless you.

Office History

The VGR Zambia Library started in Brother Ronnie's home in 1985 and remained there until 2001, when it was moved to the central business district.

In 1994, Brother Ronnie was chosen and appointed as distributor for the Zambia office. In 2001, an office block of 7 rooms in the capitol city of Lusaka, Zambia, was found and paid for a local church, Spoken Word Tabernacle, for the first 9 months, and then Voice of God Recordings took over.

In May of 2015, Brother Maurice Phiri became the Zambia Representative and manages the office which is now located at Plot 4 Kapumpe (Eagle) Road, Prospect Hill, Woodlands, Lusaka.

The office is in a peaceful location that is ideal for recording sessions and YF events.